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Dehydrated Coriander

Dehydrated Coriander

Product Code : HAR-09

Brand Name : Coriander

Product Descriptions

Product Description

Dehydrated Coriander



     Coriander seeds are an essential part of the curry powder and various spice blends in India. Coriander has many medicinal values and it promotes natural healing. Coriander is exporter in natural form and powder form. " Coriander" a word derived from a greek word is one of the important spices in our day - day life. Coriander leaves are popular for garnishing of variety of Indian dishes. The leaves have a strong odour while its fruit has a warm and spicy aroma. Whole coriander seeds and ground coriander seeds are an essential part of the curry powder and various spice blends in India. Whole coriander seeds has many medicinal values and its promotes natural healing. These ground coriander seeds are also used in several kinds of foods, beverages, liquors and perfumes.



  •  Coriander seed
  • Machine cleaned
  • Best export quality
  • Super XO coriander seed
  • PGP wash coriander
Packaging5kg, 10kg, 25kg
Cultivation StyleGreenhouse
Product typesingle herbs & spices
Processing typeBlend
Broken1 % to 5 %
colorYellowish green
Foreign matter0.5 %
Seed count95 to 100 seeds
Moisture7 % to 8 %

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