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Product Code : Har-spc-04

Brand Name : Har international

Product Descriptions

Best Benefits of Cumin

  •           Boots immunity and fights viral infections.
  •         Maintains healthy skin prevents premature aging.
  • ·         Prevents diabetes by reducing  the chances of hypoglycemia.
  •           Avoids symptoms of anemia like fatigue and digestive issues.
  •           Heals piles by acting as a natural laxative.
  •           Aids in digestion.
  •           Increases cognitive
  •           Beneficial for lactating mothers
  •           Prevents colon cancer and removes toxins from body.
  •          Treats renal coli, weak memory and insect bites.

HAR International

Har International Pvt. Ltd. established in 2008 is a production and export house for a variety of food products. We are engaged in production/manufacturing, warehousing, wholesale, shipping, supplying and distribution. All the processes right from the first step to distribution are managed by the company itself.