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Black Salt

Black Salt

Product Code : Har-spc-06

Brand Name : Har international

Product Descriptions

Best alternative to sea salt in our day-to-day life salt is often used in various snacks and dishes. But, we all are aware of the risks associated with the consumption of sea salt.

Particularly paralysis, thyroid problems, impotency issues. And high blood pressure luckily. There’s an excellent alternative to this iodized salt – Black Salt. Black salt imparts a similar flavor to food as that of table salt, But with fewer side effects. It  addition, It also fights against a number of diseases like arthritis. High cholesterol levels, And impotency issues. Isn’t that just perfect.

HAR International

Har International Pvt. Ltd. established in 2008 is a production and export house for a variety of food products. We are engaged in production/manufacturing, warehousing, wholesale, shipping, supplying and distribution. All the processes right from the first step to distribution are managed by the company itself.